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Distressing Video Captures EXACTLY How Cops Treat Black People

Dear God

just imagine dealing wit this on a routine basis and throw in the fact that nobody will care, nobody will help, and in fact, you’ll even be accused of “exaggerating”, and then MAYBE you could understand why black people are “always so hostile”


apartment au where all the boys live in the same apartment complex


aka ‘everyone has a body and lives happily’ and something i suddenly had urge to write right after waking up. it’s 120% self-indulgent and you can definitely tell i got lazy at some parts lol

aoba and sei: twin brothers that no one believes are twins. aoba works at the local junk shop while sei works indoors as an interior designer. they’re in good terms with all of the neighbors, one way or another.

tae: owner of the apartment complex. she lives right next to the security office and often throws a party with her homemade food.

mizuki: aoba and koujaku’s friend. he often invites the two for a drink at his tattoo parlor or apartment. he’s not in the house for most of the day due to his work.

koujaku: aoba’s childhood friend and next door neighbor. self-employed hairdresser who is insanely popular not only becasue of his skills but also his looks. his mailbox as well as his doorsteps are always filled with gifts and presents from his fans, especially on holidays like valentine’s day. he has all the equipments he needs at his place as well, but rarely invites customers into his house; his place is reserved for close friends only.

noiz: a young hacker who makes a living by selling information (aoba’s pretty sure at least some of them are illegal). he seldom ventures outside, and when he does it’s usually to take out a pile of empty pizza and various other delivery food containers or deal with his businesses offline. one would think he and his apartment would be messy and gross but he maintains a decent level of hygiene. he seems to like tae’s food.

clear: that one neighbor who is friendly as hell and strikes up a conversation with everyone. his personality is overflowing with vivacity not unlike a kid. whatever job he has, he must be working with children and good at it; he has little visitors who, most of the time, simply want to chat with him excitedly before leaving with their parents or guardians. his veranda is decorated with numerous glass objects and shiny accessories.

aoba thinks he’s seen his lookalikes lurking in the streets near the apartment, but it must be his imagination.

mink: resident “cat lady”. his apartment always smells like coffee and herbs and spices aoba has never heard of. it’s hard to imagine him as a rumored ex-con when you see him in his mini-garden on his veranda, surrounded by plants and cats, watering the plants or reading. he looks intimidating and unfriendly, but he shows his care in forms of small packages of herb and spice left on the neighbors’ doorsteps in their need. clear often visits for some fuwafuwa.

ren: security guard of the apartment complex. also helps tae out with many errands around the place. he has his own living quarter in his office but often spends the night at the seragaki apartment. they say he’s related to the seragakis, but neither aoba nor sei will clarify what kind of relation it is. most speculate they’re brothers (which is not wrong)

virus and trip: totally unrelated roommates that everyone thinks are twins. there are many rumors as to why they look alike, most prominent one being that it’s for business purposes. how they manage to keep their big ass exotic pets in secret is beyond aoba, who was invited to their house once.

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when its quiet and something funny happens that makes you immediately bust out laughing



headcanon: birthday photo

The photo with all of the Miracles was taken during Kuroko’s birthday, which implies that his other friends were there too. The person who took the photo was Kagami, who just before shooting it, snickered at Aomine to smile like he meant it — thus the annoyed grimace adorning his face.

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can we please destroy this idea that a person has to talk to you every minute of every day to like you

texting all day is not natural

force communication all hours of the day is not natural


do you ever wonder what happens on the non-weaboo side of tumblr